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Its like an adding insult to injury that wrong entomological observations made Bilaspur District suffer with Dengue which gone Endemic now. The story that started from sector 11 of Bilaspur now have spread in Rural areas too. Though the administration claims to have work a lot on this but figure has to say their own story of administration’s failure. Situation is that Bilaspur District have called 20 Mobile Units from Hamirpur and expert team from Chandigarh health department to handle their Mess.

The Figure of Positive Dengue cases have reached to 1175 in merely two months. Even the CMO Dr Vinod Chaudhary has a very unique theory to share that Bilaspur has endemic Dengue because at the end of June Month, a lady came back from Bangalore was infected with Dengue, an aedes mosquito bitten her and mosquito got infected with virus hence dengue it became contagious whereas experts of this field call it as a complete nonsense theory.

People of Bilaspur has different story to tell, Abhijeet thakur of Bilaspur shared that it is completely a laxity of health department, MC and administration that we are today facing this problem. People out here are not been aware well in time before the dengue set in. No proper fogging been done and even local health department donot have test kits to check the patients’ dengue status.

While talking to Deputy Commissioner Vivek Bhatia on this alleged laxity behavior, he says that We are not at all relax while taking this issue though we are on our toes. If someone has an expertise in handling something there is no harm in calling them for help. We have cordially invited Chandigarh Health Department’s Team and Hamirpur’s Mobile units to help us to handle this situation. We are going door to door to check and aware people on this. Since, people are not that aware, So, it took two months to people to understand that they need to wear full sleeve clothes to have an escape from dengue.

IMG 20180913 WA0054
Patients approaching Mobile Units for treatment of Dengue

IMG 20180913 WA0055 IMG 20180913 WA0053 IMG 20180913 WA0050

When talking to Former Incharge Vector Borne Diseases and Nodal Officer of Chandigarh Health Department H C Gera, who got huge research on Vector Borne Diseases and notably been invited by 18 different countries to talk on this said that The Bilaspur area is endemic for dengue and the number of cases have gone up because of the following shortcomings

  1. Lack of entomological surveillance

  2. Inadequate fever surveillance

  3. The checking of aedes mosquitoes breeding places in and around clinically positive cases

While talking on Unique theory of CMO of Bilaspur Gera said that one patient having come from Bangalore cannot spread number of cases at one place. The theory explained by CMO does not hold water because of the lack of entomological observations.

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