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This is Worrisome case for the Health Department

The Whole family is negative except child


How come a seven-year-old gets corona infection when the entire family is negative?

So, how does a seven-year-old child contract coronavirus? Is it meant to be that way? Most experts would say no. So, are experts at fault or we are missing something? These are all conjectures; facts state something else. They even stare at us. How? The Health Department is still scratching its head!

Coming to the case in question; mother and corona-positive child is admitted to Dhanwantri Hospital in Sector 46. After a lot of hue and cry, yesterday, on May 11, mother was sent to PGI for coronavirus testing. On the same day, the father, grandfather, sister and mother were tested. And then, isolated in Sector 16 GMSH Hospital!

On the morning of May 12, father, sister and grandfather tested negative. Surprisingly, the mother tested negative late in the evening. The whole family negative! Questionable, right? The child’s father questioned the credibility of the tests, but then they were valid. The child was positive, though. Despite lockdown, and all precautions followed, how?

Here’s what experts say…

The Health Department experts, who are managing the COVID onslaught, say, “There is one daily goods store from where the child’s father used to buy stuff for his home; we have quarantined all people from there. There could be a possibility that the child got positive from what the father bought from the store, like chips, biscuits, et al.” There are other theories, but do they matter? Have we got to the crux of what corona is throwing at us?

Keep in mind

  • Sanitize everything you buy from the market or use it the next day, after leaving it in some room for at least 18 hours
  • Wash milk packets with detergent
  • Wash Maggie packets, chips and chocolate wrappers with detergent water before handing it over to your kids
  • Ask your child to wash his or her hands at regular intervals
  • Follow lockdown, social distancing; STRICTLY!
  • Don’t let you children go out of the home; protect them

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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