Mr. CM, Why such biased behavior for own state people? Why such love for J&K?Mr. CM, Why such biased behavior for own state people? Why such love for J&K?
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An aggrieved person has been tweeting his grievance to CM for three months, but no response hence a SECURITY BREACH


A citizen of Jammu and Kashmir tweeted Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh about Kashmir students situation in Punjab, Captain Singh not only responded promptly but also make his Principal Secretary wake up in mid-night and pass a notification in favor of Kashmir student. Good!! We appreciate our CM for such gestures but at the same time, his own state’s person goes unlistened, unconsidered. That too when he has been tweeting CM Captain Amarinder Singh since September on his official handle… WHY?

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The aggrieved man reaches the Punjab Progressive summit and his frustration makes him breach the CM security. He could have done anything, even could have thrown some color or shoe on CM, but he did not compromise on his decency. He tailed his grievance in loud voice, handed over his letter to CM and told him that his bureaucrats are deaf or are available for elite people only. See his Tweets

What next, that man was being thrown out of summit by CM security personnel. That man is Amandeep Singh whose shop is encroached by some goons. He told in his tweets that court has favored him but Punjab police has not done any justice to him yet.

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