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Journalists who raise voice for the rights of the others, often get exploited by Media houses. In the time of COVID, many media personnel were sacked out in name of COVID and some faced major salary cut. Yet, journalists stay quite as there is no one to protect them and foremostly, no one wish to be known as ‘Bawaliya’ aka ‘Trouble maker’ in the market. This thought process in the employees turn them into nothing but slaves. As there is no Job in the market and there are innumerable people who happily wish to be slave just to bring food to their table.

Yet, Journalists shall know that there is a strong scope for them that government of India has placed in system many years ago in the name of Labour Laws. Talking only about this region, there are Labour Laws that can help them fight for their Rights. Not only Labour Laws, but Wage Board Laws and few other important Acts that can help a journalist not only save his/her job but also could make Media house answerable before him lawfully.

Media4pillar is going to start a series for Journalists to help them know, what are their rights and how they can save their job, their dues in time. All you have to do is, just stay connected to this space and post your queries. We will bring every stake holder on table to answer your queries specifically for journalists who are suffering the most during this challenging times.

For your queries please email us at [email protected]

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