Meet the Irresponsible citizens and lax govt of city beautiful ChandigarhMeet the Irresponsible citizens and lax govt of city beautiful Chandigarh
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Crores of Rupees investment, lush green gardens of the city beautiful slowly gradually facing the negligence of its own administration and its people. As they say, “It takes two to tango”, so its both administration negligence and citizens’ irresponsibility that make our beautiful lush green, once landscaped gardens suffer turning into the grievous state.

We are here talking about the Garden of Springs, Chandigarh, that was inaugurated on 10 December 2015 by then UT adviser Vijay Dev with the expenditure of Rs 311 lakh in 2015 along with Garden of Conifer. Both of these gardens are now suffering laxity of UT Administration as the cement pole lighting that was installed in 2015, totally got destructed by localities. This is because the Garden of Spring does not have any security guard. This is why, few days before Motor Machine that was used for watering the garden, got stolen and administration did not even pay any heed to it. As a result, the Garden of Spring is now got watered with Sewage Water.

So as with the Garden of Conifer, which was too developed in 2015 after spending lakhs of public money, now wasted due to flabby behavior of UT Administration.

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