Making life through Pestle and Mortar for years
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Making life with Granite stones fallen on Kalka Shimla Road


You might have seen many people making life with small and odd things. Yet, sometimes while watching them on the roadside, working passionately, certainly gives you major broad life-goals. Meet Ramesh Kumar of Kalka, who has been making pestle and mortar for the last 20 years.

Ramesh of Kalka, a 43-year-old man has two sons. One is pursuing ITI and already studying there and the other one just has cleared 10+2 in Non-Medical scoring 86 percent from Himachal Board. He has his own house there in Kalka and he has been sitting on the highway for the last 20 years.

Every day, be it rain, shivering cold, scorching heat or even Strom, he collects big sized stones fallen from mountains and makes pestle and mortar of different sizes. That is his everyday job. He makes beautiful smooth Pestle and mortar with hand.

He has nothing to do with if the country’s economy is going down, GST is bothering some, some leftists or right wings are shouting on pity issues. All he knows is, he has to bring food to the table for his family and his priority is to make his family happy at the end of the day. He sells each pestle and mortar with starting price Rs 500/- to Rs 3000/- and sales around 6-10 pieces at the shops situated in Kalka.

Moreover, many shopkeepers orders bulk order to him by which he makes good money for his family. A zero investment business of this skillful man taught one lesson, i.e. anything with passion brings happiness in life.

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