Sangam Ghat and that Masala Lemon Tea taste
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A place where you see innumerable emotions at one glance with Nature’s Miracle Meeting of Ma Ganga, Ma Yamuna and Ma Saraswati.

Sangam of three major rivers which has huge importance mythologically, a place wherein Kumbh, Maha Kumbh tales are making world astonished over its stories. Yet, it is so simple as its name SANGAM; it amasses everything, even the time too. Ma Ganga and Ma Yamuna is visible, the colour differentiates but Ma Saraswati absorbs its identity within these pious Rivers.

When you see countless people diving in, trying swimming at Sangam Ghat, there are irresistable emotions running over their faces. Maximum are there for ash immersion of their loved ones whom they want to say “A final Adieu” and some are there to enjoy it as a touring place.

The land is full with sand, hard to walk over that in temperature which is touching 43 degree. At that time, a Lemon Masala tea vendor Deepak appears and offers tea to us at the cost Rs 10 only. One could hardly imagine to have Hot Masala Lemon tea in scorching heat but its taste proved us wrong and even provide us immense respite.

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Lemon Masala Tea Vendor Deepak

While asking Deepak about his masala tea and how many vendors are there like him over this Sangam Ghat, he replied,”Only me”. He has been selling this magical Masala Tea for the last decade.

This Sangam Ghat has blessed Deepak to make her elder daughter study engineering whereas his younger daughter has recently topped school in Matric. Sangam Ghat stretch is about 7-8 km and Deepak takes 30 to 40 rounds to sell his masala tea on this ghat. He is 48 years old and told us that this Sangam Ghat has given him a lot, other than her daughters’ education, he could manage to have his own house too.

When asked that how many people take his Masala tea in a day, “सो से ज्यादा तो हो ही जाते हैं हर रोज, कईं बार इससे भी कहीं ज्यादा हो जाते हैं (More than a hundred everyday and sometimes even more than too)”. When asked how much did he earn in recent Kumbh, he replied, “It was huge sale for me here, even my family helped me during that period”.

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By Taruni Gandhi

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