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An initiative by Verka, Cows would be treated with Ayurveda


Our body is consuming not only milk but antibiotic medicines too. This is because of cows are prone to get Mastitis and to treat that Veterinary Doctor are bound to treat them with antibiotics. So, Verka thought of making this process antibiotic free. Now, Under the unique campaign, Verka would treat the dairy Cattle with Ayurvedic pathy. Verka is all set to treat Mastitis with Ayurvedic treatment.

Verka, Initiated this pilot project in Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Mohali, where Mastitis problem is prominent. Dairy Cattle are prone to have Mastitis after extracting milk from the Udder tissue, they are left to rest and the moment dairy cattle sit over floor, they got infected with bacterial infection said Udham Singh, General Manager of Mohali Branch. Concerning more about Mastitis, Udham Singh says that Fatal Mammary gland infection make milk yellowish in colour. Normally, the Ranchers inject antibiotic to the dairy cattle for curing mastitis and antibiotic doses are matter of concern. That is why Verka thought of treating Dairy Cattle with Ayurvedic pathy so that a Clean and pure milk shall reach the masses.

Support of National Dairy Development Board

As per the Verka Authorities, It could have been possible with support and efforts of National Dairy Development board. The Board has signed MOU with Kerela University and with the help of University the designated villages got good results in Dairy Cattle with Ayurvedic treatment.

Udder salved with plaster therapy

In Ayurvedic therapy, udder got treated with plaster therapy, in this udder got plastered with aloevera, lime and turmeric. With this treatment cattle get fine in few days.


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