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  1. IMA advised doctors to refrain from taking alcohol among non-doctors
  2. A safe limit has been set out for both female and male doctors
  3. Doctors are advised to observe dry days on Doctor’s and Teacher’s Day

The recent advisory released by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) directs doctors to avoid drinking with non-doctors to promote healthy living and become “brand ambassadors of health” for the society. This advisory intends to spread awareness among the people of the disadvantages of consuming alcohol through doctors who are touted to be the spearheads of healthy living.

Prohibitions that are laid-out

The representative voluntary organization of Doctors asked its members to observe dry days on July 1st (Doctor’s Day) and September 5th (Teacher’s Day) as an attempt to put this advisory quickly into practice.

Apart from fixing these dates and asking the doctors to be wary of alcohol consumption among non-doctors, the IMA has also set “safe-limit” for the doctors to curtail their alcohol intake at an individual level. While the limit for female doctors is 9 Ml, it is double, at 18 Ml for male doctors.

Moreover, the IMA has directed to prohibit alcohol during its meetings as per the new ‘alcohol policy’. The policy has also appealed the doctors to say “Thank You” to their patients because according to a study, 40 % of the patients expect their doctors to say thank you to them.
‘Practice what you preach’

The Indian Medical Association intends to spread the disadvantages of alcohol consumption among the masses through the doctor and other IMA members so as to strike a balance between what they preach and what they practice. Along the same lines, the advisory says that the doctors should maintain dignity among his/her patients by not indulging in any kind of unhealthy activity. The code of ethics laid down by the Medical Association of India (MAI) has a similar dictum which talks about maintaining proper decorum with patients.

According to the National President of the IMA- Dr KK Aggarwal, a patient should be able to trust his doctor and have confidence in him. Any display of ‘undignified’ behavior erodes the trust in the doctor and gives the profession a bad name.

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