Care Takers on Sale at PGIMER Chandigarh
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You might have heard of people who left their ill kins alone in PGIMER Chandigarh and there is no one to attend them. There are many stories of such patients’ and their painful Journey. Yet, there are some people who choice themselves to be your Care Taker. Please do not think it as Positive gesture; as this is something quite a risky for Patient and PGIMER itself. Indoor Patients’ Guardians are often targeted by such people, who offer their services and loot them.

Patient who got admitted in PGIMER Chandigarh requires atleast two people to attend him/her. There are many chores of patient which are to be done in time from tests to medicines, food to clothes etc. There has to be one Care Taker/Guardian along with the patient all the time and in that case, if you are all alone with your patient then it is quite a task to handle everything. Here comes the role of these people and this is how they work.

They see if you are going to stay there more than a week, they will ask you in fact lure you with the idea of giving all possible help in Rs 300 a day, they would bring your medicines, clean your patient, wash patients’ clothes, take your patient for test, wheel the trolley for your patient etc and would probably give you an ease in the time of extreme stress, BUT hold on, after all this comfort you will end up looted as they often get eloped with your valuables.

PGIMER Administration does not allow any such service in their premises yet they manage to do their business with the help security personnel deputed over there. Moreover, In case after being duped you might go to Police for complaining, you would end up listening that why had you allowed stranger to help you.

Administration woke up atlast

After years of complaints, PGIMER administration constituted a committee just five days ago, In which Administration is thinking to have a comprehensive plan to help patients’ and their Guardians to provide them Care takers. While talking on this issue Dr AK Gupta Medical Superintendent PGIMER says that we have constituted a committee with all requisite approvals of Director PGIMER, soon we would find a way and certainly take out positive solution of this issue.

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