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Petitioner and High Court lawyer Minderjit Singh Yadav filed a Civil writ petition in Punjab and Haryana High Court today, after which the court has issued Notice of Motion to State Bar Council to answer the queries laid by petitioner. The Court of Justice R.N.Raina issued Notice of Motion on 7 August 2018.
The main issue in this writ petition regarding opportunity to the thousands of the lawyers who left to file verification form because the State bar Council has failed to inform them, secondly the date which was fixed to file the verification form was during summer vacations and the period of Holy Ramzan due to thousands of advocates could not file their verification form and the State bar Council in a very hasty manner has closed the date of submitting the verification form and no proper opportunity has been given to thousand of lawyers of the state of Punjab Haryana and Chandigarh.
Stating further yadav said that the preparation of electoral roll has been given in the hand of the sitting members who are contesting the elections of the Bar Council and they are intentionally preparing the defective electoral roll with a motive to harm some particular contesting members.
In the last time that is in the year 2013 retired High Court judge was appointed to conduct the elections of the State bar Council and down able Supreme Court of India has passed number of judgement where the elections of state were Councils by retired High Court judges.
Yadav stated that the returning officer has been appointed illegally by sitting chairman of the bar Council biasly who are close to them which is totally illegal and unjustified.

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