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Punjab health department has sensed foul play in drug inspection program. Hence, Government has decided to take stern action over Drug Inspectors of the state. As the reliable sources of FDA, Drug Inspectors transfers are on cards and soon such notice may come out officially. As per sources, many complaints have came into notice of Drug department that Drug Inspectors did favours to chemists who have been in Foul practice of selling Schedule H drugs to addicts. So, Government has decided to transfer the drug inspectors. Also, It could be a possibility to swap the drug inspectors duties during Raids i.e. A Moga deputed Drug Inspector may raid in Kapurthala.

There are 7 Zonal Licencing Authority and 40 Drug Inspectors in state and soon new drug inspectors vacancy would be filled.

At one side Punjab Chemist Association along with all district Chemist associations agitating on Police involvement in Drug Inspection teams but the department has an another story to defend this involvement. From January to June 1707 drugs samples have been taken so far out of which 76 drugs found to be of non standard quality. In this move 4862 inspections have done so far.

In this major movement, police involvement is what bothering the chemist the most as they say that police people are troubling them without having any knowledge of pharma. On 30 July, Maximum Chemist shops in Punjab observed Band due to this issue only.

While talking on Transparency in Joint Commissioner Drug Pardeep Mattu said that there is no harm in keeping Police personnel in Drug inspection team. Government of India and State Government has levied these rules to curb the menace of drug addiction in state. As per rules many stake holders of civil society are introduced in inspection team, which is good for society. Our department has not disturbed any Chemist or person as it is our duty to check the chemists in state.

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