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A preliminary study of sero-survey of PGIMER found initial results for Chandigarh

After the UT Administrator asked PGIMER to go for Sero-survey, PGI started working on it. At the very preliminary stage of this study, some surprising results came to the surface indicating that we have been surviving in the community spread of COVID only. Though it is too early to declare anything on this yet preliminary data has something for Chandigarh to understand.

PGI tested recovered patients for Antibodies IgG test

PGIMER tested COVID recovered patients for the IgG antibodies test. This test indicates the antibodies developed after recovering from COVID. PGIMER Department of Virology did this test on 80 recovered patients included participants who donated plasma, on their healthcare workers along with participants of the Covishield vaccine trial. In COVID recovered Patients 82.5 percent found positive for IgG Antibodies test which means antibodies developed in their bodies.

59 participants of the Covishield Vaccine trial along with 7 health care workers (Non-COVID) i.e. 66 participants, who were healthy and never encounter any symptoms of COVID, got tested for IgG Antibody test. 5 out of all found positive for IgG antibodies test, which means they caught the Coronavirus infection and did not get to know about this hence antibodies got developed in their bodies. In this category, 7.6 percent of participants got positive for the IgG antibody test.

Dr. Mini P Singh, Dept of Virology explains, “This is preliminary data, the study has to go on and achieve more information. This data does show that people developed antibodies after encountering COVID and there are people who did not know that they had it, they thought to be healthy and found positive for the IgG test, which means they became positive and remained asymptomatic and afterward developed antibodies. This also means that we have been surviving on one with community spread of the virus. Though it’s too early to say it indicates towards herd immunity.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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