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33 years journey as a clinician, now is the time to implement everything that I wish to change in the system, says New Director Health Services Dr. Amandeep Kang

As told to Taruni Gandhi

You became DHS in the challenging times when there are a lot more grievances than appreciation, Do you have any plans to deal with such grievances?

Challenges have always been part of my life. It has given me a limitless chance to grow. I personally do not take grievances of patients as a challenge to me, I see it as an opportunity to bring an Optimistic Change in the system. If the grievance is genuine, there is no harm to make changes. I certainly do not believe in wasting time and linger on with the issue. I believe in solutions. I would love to hear grievances and sort them with a smile.

What are your plans for COVID-19? Any new strategies or changes that you planned to implement?

“Since. we are witnessing a downward trend in COVID cases and now we need to do testing vigorously so that maximum positive cases can be identified, isolated, treated and it’s the only way that we can check the spread of infection. Also, strengthening of micro-containment zones, home isolation of patients is another effective step to tackle COVID-19. Once we can level out infection, hospitals will have more staff and space to take care of critical cases and also not be overburdened,” Dr Kang said.

There are pictures where we saw long queue of patients waiting for their turn to get tested for COVID? As you just said to lift up the testing capacity, How would you handle this part of GMSH 16 Hospital?

I joined today and have seen this. Soon, there will be no harassment to the patients who are coming here for testing. I will discuss the plan after I got it implemented successfully. I believe in doing the work silently, and let the work make an impact.

When and from where did you start your journey, and Where do you wish to see Chandigarh as far as Health is concerned?

I did my MBBS and MD from Government Medical College, Patiala, joined GMCH-32 in 1996 as a senior resident and in 1999, joined GMSH-16 as a medical officer in the Gynaecology Department. Before this, I have been serving as Head of the Gynecology department. It has been 33 years so far. I have spent many years in Chandigarh, I owe a lot to this city and to its citizens. Though I have been continuously working as a clinician, but now on this responsible designation, I wish to see Chandigarh glow on the World map as “Healthy And Happy Citizens’ city”.

How do u see this COVID period as and how was your last seven months?

When this COVID period started, I was told as Head of Department that I would have to run the Mother and Child Health Unit. So, we worked tirelessly, We checked on data, called other states’ civil surgeons, stopped unnecessary referrals, managed to have maintained distancing amongst patients. I used to encourage my staff in sec 22 dispensary, sec 45 dispensary, and Manimajra staff. I always have been a multi-tasker, who believes in going into minute details of any issue. The field of gynecology requires quick decisions, and as a medical officer, I still remember, I have handled close to 50 patients at a time. and In this COVID we have 100+ COVID positive deliveries.

“In these 33 years in service, I have given multiple commands and I am a hands-on person. For me, no work is big or small, and this is a valuable lesson I learned from Dr. Gurdeep Kaur, who was the head of the department when I had joined the hospital as an impressionable young doctor. She would push the trolley in case no one was available, rush to get reports from the lab, and lead from the front and it was very inspiring,”

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