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Often this is said and heard that Government teachers waste time while knitting sweaters or gossiping all over the day rather than teaching the students. But, here these teachers are breaking this old notion and setting up an example in such a way that it could inspire the generations to come.

Meet the four teachers with difference and their story is as different as their passion. In this taxing time when education is completely counting on digital platforms, these four teachers from government schools gave birth to an idea that has to sort the problems of students in just one go. With no experience in technology, they developed a mobile application and a portal where all the syllabus with the solution can be uploaded and is accessible not only to their students but to the students studying in Private school also.

Its Punjab Educare app, that has created a record of 6 lakh downloads in just 1.5 months. The lakhs of Punjab students now have access to it from where they can have their educational stuff easily while sitting at home at any point of time. All thanks to Jaswinder Singh (54), who is a teacher at Rampur says, “When we used to send syllabus or papers on WhatsApp, students often ask us to resend it as sometimes it was difficult to find or go deleted. We need such a platform where children can have access to the syllabus at any point in time. Since I am a Mathematics teacher, so I started collecting all data of my classes that I can upload chapter-wise. Hence, I shared this idea with other teachers, they too did the same.

Jaswinder Singh along with Chander Shekhar, an English and SST teacher at at Government Model Senior Secondary School, Ladowali Road, Harjit Bawa, a Science teacher at Government School for Boys at Goraya, along with Deepak, a Government teacher at Noorpur, also joined in the mission.

“First of all we combined all our work and launch a PPPP Jalandhar portal and a mobile application. After the app was launched in April, we got 60,000 hits and all teachers from Jalandhar started sharing their work, and assignments with us. When the Education Secretary, Krishan Kumar, saw this, he further suggested us to take the concept to another level and make it a State entity. We got really content and happy with the recognition and that encourage us to get acquainted with more nuances of designing portal and apps and making it even better,” said the Four mission leaders.

The teachers said they were super excited when the Education Secretary applauded their work. “He got it arranged so well and asked all teachers from State to upload their resources. Then a team that ensures the monitoring part that every answer or sum contained in it is correct, leaving no room for any mistake,” said Jaswinder.

The teachers said: “The kind of traffic the app is getting, it is evident that private school students and government school students who have migrated from other states are also using it for study. The entire work for Classes I to XII is properly uploaded there. There is a special team ensuring the work-flow for Board classes to let children get the stuff from best resourceful teachers.”

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