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Story of one coin with two sides of it

Involved in the Contumelious act, the so-called Annadata of Punjab involved in Human trafficking inhuman treatment. This is not what we are saying, it is in a confidential letter to the Chief Secretary and DGP Punjab by the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is mentioned in the letter that Border Security Forces had rescued 58 “Bonded Labourers” of these Annadatas of Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Abohar, and Ferozepur. The condition of these bonded laborers is heartbreaking and pachydermatous on the part of Field Owners/Farmers who hire them for their Fields.

Border Security Force told the Ministry of Home affairs that these laborers are brought here in Punjab in name of Good Salary and once they reached here in Punjab, they are poorly paid, meted out with ill inhumane treatment and even given drugs to work in the fields beyond a human capacity.

These bonded laborers are related to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They came here to work in the fields of farmers and end up in exploitation as mentioned in the letter of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Ministry of Home Affairs had asked the Punjab Director General Police and the Chief Secretary of Punjab to look into the case.

This letter also says that bonded laborers are in pathetic disturbing mental condition due to drugs that was been induced in their body forcefully for working in the fields beyond a human capacity. While exhorting on this very letter of the Ministry of Home Affair, One Senior Agriculture Officer says that In Punjab, it is quite an old practice to calls Biharis and UP based people, Farmers here hire them for their Fields. They do seeding, ploughing etc jobs and yes, exploitation has been a part of it for a very long time here. The condition of these hired laborers is really pathetic and one may call them as Bonded Laborers.

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