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Satnam Khatra, a known name in the industry of fitness, music, and Punjabi film industry. A young boy from Jalandhar, once a drug addict, changed his life with passion and made lakhs of fan followers on social media. He was wishing to start his own fitness brand soon. But, Destiny has written something else for him and when the time comes, nothing would help you to survive, this stands again true in the case of Satnam Khatra, Celebrity Fitness Coach here today. He demised this evening today.

He demised due to brain hemorrhage and his body is cremated at his ancestral village Bhallmajra. He was merely 31 years old and as his life-style has been, he was quite a pro in following a fitness regime and a proper diet that field demands, yet he suffered a Brain stroke and succumbed to it. No post-mortem was conducted at his body as it was said to be a non-accidental tragedy.  

As per Satnam Khatra Uncle, Dr. Kuldeep Khatra, Satnam went to Mohali on Thursday and returned on Friday after attending a party with his friends. After turning back from Mohali, on Friday Morning he complained of nausea, uneasiness and vomited. He immediately was rushed to a Sirhind-based Hospital. When he got checked for his vitals, his cells were aggravated. In the Evening, he felt fine and we brought him home back.

On the following morning of Saturday, he again felt the same so we again rushed him to hospital, said Dr. Khatra, his uncle. He vomited blood inside the car when we were crossing the village and fell unconscious. When we reached the hospital, he was declared dead.

This young lad has made his name in Punjabi Film and music Industry with his featured videos and had a huge fan following on social media. His death news created havoc on social media as he was too young to die so early and untimely.

Satnam has some controversial history as he has been a drug addict for eight years. He changed his life downside up while making himself a fitness coach and won the war against drug addiction. He had been training few young boys in Patiala and from districts. His death was announced by Rohit Khera, who was his mentor and after that, his fans got a major shock. Satnam’s Instagram account has 3.7 lakh followers and his fan has filled the posts with mourning messages as he was quite a popular one among youngsters.

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