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Chandigarh Health Department participated in the Last Prayer Meet of their COVID Warrior Salochana Gehlot

The First Healthcare worker succumbed to COVID 19 on 28 Sep 2020 in Chandigarh

She was Mom of two young ones, one 21-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter. The journey of a working mom is the most challenging task, it is an exam every day, an investment of a lifetime, and one day the main investor, MOM, is no more. The family, that used to call her for every minuet things, could not find her, see or listen to her anymore. For you, She could be personnel doing the job of Radiographer, doing X-RAY for patients in this taxing times of COVID but for her family, she was a “World” to them.

She is Salochana Gehlot, Radiographer, 42-year-old, who was on COVID duty Since March at GMSH 16 Hospital and was on duty when she got detected COVID positive. A dedicated warrior, who just wishes to do her job and stay faithful to her both fronts; personal and professional. She had succumbed to COVID19 on 28 Sep 2020. On 9 October, there was the last prayer meet of Salochna, where her health department colleagues participated along with DHS Dr. Amandeep Kang.

Bharat Kumar, Husband of COVID Warrior Salochna, and Municipal Councellor of Ramdarbar says, “She had never said no to her duty, we knew that she would do her duty and come back home. We were a happy family. That day, she was quite uncomfortable, she was unable to breathe. Doctors did try to save her but…”

Dr. Amandeep Kang, DHS, Chandigarh, while paying her tribute to COVID Warrior Salochana, says, “I am speechless as a mother, it is not easy for a family to survive without a Mother. We lost our true Warrior in line of duty but her family’s loss is irreparable”.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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