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Dengue, Malaria, Influenza fever adding insult to injury for Patients and Doctors in this taxing times


Every day, when there is some relaxation in reporting of COVID Cases in city, there has been one issue that disturbed patients the most- Co-Infection. COVID with Co-infection is like adding insult to the injury. In this situation, Patient not only fighting fear of COVID but also he goes confused what actually has trapped him. There are such cases in Chandigarh too, who fall sick not only to COVID but to Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid and Influenza as well.

Based on data collected from tricity based Government Hospital including PGI, in just two months, more than 600 patients fall prey to Dengue only and simultaneously caught the Covid Infection as well. PGIMER alone, as per data received today, there are 6 patients of typhoid, 4 dengue and 2 of Malaria admitted in COVID Ward, being victim of Co-infection.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare too have released a notification on Co-infection, wherein importance of right diagnosis is mentioned. But at the same time, it is also mentioned in that notice that coinfection causes lot of Mental stress and confusion to the patient and his/her family members.

Talking on Co-infection, COVID HEAD of PGIMER, Dr. GD Puri says, “There have been many patients from different parts of this region, who got admitted in PGI with COVID and Co-infection. We always make good prognosis based on all diagnostic tests and then start treatment. This condition is very well managable”.

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