This Govt or that Govt, Emergency health services turned museum in Punjab
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Congress or BJP alliance Akali Govt, Government Hospitals in Punjab are dying its own death of negligence


Call it KARMA alarm or anything, but Government Hospitals in Punjab are dying the death of Political Negligence. This is more concerning when a State BJP President Kamal Sharma dies of Heart attack and his family relatives claiming that there are no apt Emergency health services available in Ferozpur. Though this government did rule Punjab for 10 years in alliance with SAD. Yet, there is a sad state of the Health system.

Now, coming to present government Congress, whose Cabinet Minister, once a Health Minister of Punjab, got admitted to Fortis Hospital, Mohali for his treatment after having a cardiac problem, even went through surgery recently. Brahm Mohindra who has been the Ex Minister of this health system did not have trust in its own settled government health system.

Government Hospitals turning Museums

Rajindra Hospital, Patiala is a perfect example of a dying health system, more closer to having turned into a Museum. Doctors are there but only to have salary, employees are there but only for gossipping, Class IV employees are too there but only for Strikes but if someone wants to have good treatment there at emergency then he or she would hardly find a physician there, in case they are lucky enough to find a physician then there would be no bandage, medicine or helper to help doctor in handing the emergency case.

Same as the state with all the dispensaries, PHCs. Then again, every time the government is claiming that they have settled all issues of Health System. Imagine the irony of those patients, who regularly fell into the prey of such government hospitals where their life is in hands of Class IV employees.

If whatever is written above is not up to the mark then why these politicians often run to corporate hospitals, not in Government hospitals for their treatment?

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