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Women never grow alone, she grows everyone along with her: Tripti Shinghal Somani-Founder of Womennovator


A fine sunny day and beautiful ambiance of Sector 10 situated Art Museum Gallery with a combo of Beautiful women gathered there with a mission. A mission of “not growing alone but make every part of society grow and glow with them.” A thought initiated by a young lady of Delhi who not only inspires but tales, executes the success story of her gender mates. Tripti Shinghal Somani- Founder of Womennovator, professionally a CA, who conceptualizes this thought in 2013 and never looked back.

The Caravan that started then, now have connected more than thousands of ladies across the nation with the support of the Government of India and have already made those ladies a self-empowered one by making them starting their own startups.

Here in Chandigarh, today on 2nd November Womennovator (Gvriksh) organized a W-TALK – Chandigarh at Government Museum and Art Gallery & Gallery, Sector 10, Chandigarh, India supported by #DevelopmentCommissioner of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and powered by Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic.

All the dignitaries had an Interactive Session with each other. The dignitaries included Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator, MD KGS advisors – Moderator; Ms. Sabeena Khanna, Founder Principal – Studio KIA, Ms. Prerna Kalra, Founder – Open Hand Solutions, Mr. Kamal Bhatia, Co-Founder & CEO, Pumpkart, Ms. Sartaj Lamba , Founder Buddy Cabs ; Ms. Suman Singh,Asst. General Manager, SIDBI; Mr. Kunal Nandwani, Utrade Solutions; Mr. JB Singh , Founder and Managing Director, Access Infotech; Mr. Harvinder Mavi, CEO & Founder, Souvnear Inc; Mr. Kapil Setia, Chief Architect, Department of Urban Planning, Chandigarh Administration; Ms. Sangeeta Mehta Bagga, Principal & Professor, Chandigarh College of Architecture; Mr. D.P. Singh, Principal Executive, Chandigarh University; Ms. Rachna Kalra, Social Political Activist.

The speakers gathered at the event shared their own life stories. Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator, MD KGS Advisors – Moderator shared about the 3 % mandatory procurement policy for  Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises owned by women which were proposed by her this year. She shared that this has opened tremendous gateways for women-owned businesses to work as Vendors with every Central Ministry /Department / Public sector undertakings and Govt offices.

During the W-talk she made attendees aware of other govt. and financial institutions support schemes for women. Ms. Sabeena Khanna, Founding Principal, Studio KIA & Founding member – Woman Entrepreneurship Committee – PHD Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, Delhi shared that Empowering women is empowering the nation. Her social, emotional and financial independence is integral to the building of a robust society. So dream on, and work towards making them happen. Ms. #PrernaKalra, Founder – Open Hand Solutions shared that “Women show more commitment and honesty and have a better return on investment in their ventures. The only limitation is them. 

Ms. Rachhna R Kalra (Influencer-Politics) talked about No country would progress if its Women are not Inclusive in the development process. For India women, freedom shud not merely be guaranteed under Constitution but should mean More jobs, Opportunity for Entrepreneurs, increased safety n protection of girl child and Ease of doing buss and lot more.

When they are respected, supported and acknowledged they do wonders.   They bring higher integrity, smiles, collaboration, and empathy in teams which is critical for success. It’s the best time for Indian women to Excel go and make most of it.” Mr. #KamalBhatia, Co-Founder & CEO,, shared that any Women understanding the problem of running the house will be nearer to understanding the Problem of Country. If anybody will change the Earth that’s only “WOMEN”. Ms. #SumanSingh, Asst. General Manager, SIDBI shared that they have launched an important concept called USHA Silai machine concept where women entrepreneurs will be offered sewing machine to encourage women empowerment, As many as 35 women are a part of the current batch under the Mission Swavalamban to set-up their own centres of sewing and stitching.

Ms. #SartajLamba (Women Entrepreneur and Mentor) talked that to grow as a society, the nation we should look beyond gender. We have to evolve together to build an ecosystem that is harmonious to all. Women being the epitome of love, care and giving should embody it in all aspects of their being. One area for more contributions from women is definitely entrepreneurship. When a woman becomes an Entrepreneur her entire family becomes one. Changing the thought process, this is from my heart. Gratitude, commitment, and family that makes us grow and go ahead. Mr. Kunal Nandwani, utrade Solutions talked about Consciousness in sustainable startups. Mr. #JBSingh , Founder and Managing Director, Access Infotech Shared that Empowered women, Empower the entire society. Let us create an environment to empower our women. Mr. #harvinderMavi, CEO & Founder, Souvnear Inc, talked to run a successful business, understanding finance is critical.

Most women have this inbuilt sense of finance & budgeting. So, to me, they are natural entrepreneurs. All they need is a better eco-system. Mr. Kapil Setia, #ChiefArchitect, Department of Urban and Housing Development, Chandigarh Administration talked that Clarity of thought, Fire in the belly, multi-layered resilient personality, Emotionally balanced decision making, eye for detail, Rising above ‘Stereotype mentality’ are all traits more of the aspiring Indian women.

The new Eco-system of providing equitable platform & the idea to achieve your dreams in an ever-challenging environment with courage, commitment, patience & tenacity shall surely lead to exploring new avenues which the society needs. The final objective of giving back to humanity especially with the empathy for the weaker section of the society shall provide sustainable business models…All this is producing more female achievers in all aspects of human endeavor not ever seen or assumed before.

Dr. #SangeetaBagga, Professor and the first Woman Principal of the Chandigarh College of Architecture shared that It is imperative to empower women in order to empower India as a nation. Empowerment of the MIND– into self-reliant, independently thinking and resilient women is what I have always urged my students to become. Mr. #DPSingh, Sr. Executive VP, Chandigarh University shared that Government, other agencies can provide enabling environment which is anyway required, however, the real change will happen when women feel empowered to leverage this opportunity and enabling Ecosystem, they need the courage to take the first step, perseverance to pursue and insight to select right mentors. Women need to help women they need to create their own network and must also know that they must prioritize. They must know that like men they cannot have it all.

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