A slap on Punjab Pollution Board by an Ex Army Officer
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A case of Water Contamination of Dera Bassi, Mohali.

An Army Officer Complained at Punjab Pollution Control Board

Forget Action on Complain, Complainant Withdrew his complain as pollution increased ten times


It is indeed a matter of Shame for Punjab Pollution Control Board where an Ex Army Officer put a complain of Serious Water Contamination, he waited and repented over his complaint and withdrew his plea as pollution has increased 10 times after his complaint. Complainant even submitted Water testing report even then department kept sleeping.

Brig P.S Rathee, SC (Retd), a resident of Dera Bassi quoted in his complaint that “I am writing to you in the capacity of a resident of Dera Bassi on serious contamination of ground water, due to release of effluents by a PHARMA Manyfacturing Plant located next to seasonal Choe passing through this town. This Pharma manufacturingunit is located about 2 km upstream on the choe and is largely responsible for the release of all kinds of Chemicals which have debilitating effects on health of every living being in this area. Not only this, the efuluents release an obnoxious smell, a cause of a number of respiratory diseases. I have personally walked the entire stretch along the choe till this Pharma (NECTAR LIFESCIENCES LIMITED) manufacturing plant and beyond. Now, this plant, uses rice husk in boilers and as a consequence to that it has piled up huge mountains of this burnt husk right on the edge of choe, I have feeling that all other deadly effluents are mixed in the husk and on a suitable opportunity, is pushed into the choe. There are number of other industries next to it and I fear that they may also be contributing to this pollution.

The disastrous consequence of these are that water level upto 300 ft is totally contaminated and is not potable. One has to go down 600 ft and beyond to get potable water. And what is more frightening for DERA BASSI is, that it dependent on ground water for all water needs.

Complainant wrote this letter on 12/10/16, letter got received in department on 17/10/16 and on 20/12/16 diary no 382 the Complainant withdrew his plea saying that

  1. Please refer to my letter dated 12.10.16
  2. I am writing to withdraw my complaint regarding serious contamination of ground water, due to release of chemical effluents by the Pharma Manufacturing industries located next to seasonal chow, passing through the town.
  3. I am withdrawing it, as after my Complaint the flow of Chemical effluents have increased 10 times, which is causing more damage than earlier flow. I am hoping that by withdrawal of the complaint, the flow of effluents would come down back to the normal levels. Let us get on with out Business as usual policy and not disturb the established governmental methods of doing work.
  4. Kindly forgive me for asking something which is not feasible.

Our team has these letters with us which are received by the department. More, Shockingly the situation is still the same and even worsening in Dera Bassi. Though it is tight slap over the face of PPCC yet they are bound to sleep.

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