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Senseless words in songs are making music a melody


Liggi- which does not mean anything yet it suits DJ Ritviz for his latest track as they say Where words trail off, music begins, said the German poet Heinrich Heine, and here singer-composer DJ Ritviz seems to take it literally. Call it an arrogance of newly achieved fame and success that the Udd Gaye hit-maker refuses to get himself known as the one who disregards genres and words both at the same time.

Nevertheless, his latest track Liggi is an example that Ritviz just note down whatever comes to his mind first. No matter if is a sense-making word or not, it just shall make a rhyme. “Liggi it was and it felt right and so it stayed,” shares the innocent singer, justifying the ‘alien’ words in his meaningless songs.

After somehow realising the meaninglessness of Liggi, Ritviz tried giving it a meaning of his own as luck or destiny, though in which language, is still a scalp itching mystery. What’s not a mystery is that this Pune boy known no looking back and concentrates on his music despite all criticism. Which actually making him an inspiration for many.

He claims that he is trained in classical music that works as a strong foundation for him. “Knowing my ragas and bandishes makes me more perceptive on how I create and present my music.” Having practiced kharaj (lower notes) every morning helps him build a strong classical foundation; he admits, “My format is classical, content is western.”

As here youth can make any alien senseless song, a major hit overnight, Liggi is a no different story and is winning hearts, but Ritviz is not sure if it would make like what Udd Gaye has marked. In the year 2020, Ved album, and collaborations are on cards. This guy believes in slow and steady wins the race so he is in no hurry to go to Bollywood.

He worships his mother Anvita Bharti and AR Rahman and he always seeks validation from his mother before he launches his music for the outer world. He is also a go-getter with all current news of the world as well.

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