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Head of Advanced Pediatric Centre and unit of Dr Surjeet Singh admitted patient while violating ambit admission rules


PGIMER Pediatric dept violated its ambit limit while admitting 19-year adult in hospital. On 7 Jan, a 19-year-old boy named Ritesh Kumar with a problem of SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) got admission to Advanced Pediatric Centre (APC), PGIMER Chandigarh. This is strange because this centre has a clear rule of taking admission of patients that are till age of 12. If one patient is 12.5 years of age, the admission would be clearly denied. This is how the whole system of admission works at Advanced pediatric centre in PGI.

But exceptions are always there as privileges and power rule everything. When this strange news got public attention then we started to dig in more and find out that this is not the first time when an adult is getting admission in APC in the tenure of Head of the department Dr. Surjeet Singh gave admission to an adult in his unit.

This case is little different than the others as the case of 19 year old boy is now go complicated and Dr Surjeet Singh is calling his colleagues of Internal Medicine (Doctors who see adult patients) in Nehru Hospital to take up the case and as per the sources, the Internal Medicine doctors are reluctant to take the case in their hands.

After confirming about the such case in Advanced Pediatric Centre, we gave call to Director PGI Dr Jagat Ram on this. He says that he will look into the case as he is unaware of any such matter.

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