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Advanced Cardiac Center of PGI stands high in the largest cardiology amalgamation of India.


Yet again, PGI has been able to mark its presence in the World Cardiology map. All thanks to Advanced Cardiac Centre. While beaming a Live Surgery of a rare and difficult case, PGI once again got accolades for doing a live procedure of a complex coronary angioplasty from the advanced cardiac center to the “India Live 2020” conference held from 27th February to 1st March 2020 at New Delhi. This largest cardiology conclave of India was attended by about 2000 cardiologists, which included many eminent faculty members from India and from across the world. 

Professor Dr. Rajesh Vijayvergiya with his team successfully performed and transmitted a live case of a rarest kind from the catheterization lab of the cardiac centre, PGI to the conference venue on 1st March, Sunday afternoon. Prof Vijayvergiya commented that this 60 years old lady was having heart pain from the last 6 months, for which angiography revealed an extremely rare congenital anomaly, in which all the 3 coronary arteries were arising from one side, which is termed as “Single Coronary”.

He commented that doing coronary stenting of all the 3 blocked vessels along with left main coronary artery was technically challenging and required a significant experience in the interventional cardiology field. Dr. Vijayvergiya commented that as per the published world literature in the cardiology field, only 4 such cases had been performed throughout the world in the past. Dr. Vijayvergiya has added two more such cases in the list of 4 published cases of this rare anomaly throughout the world.

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The previous case performed by him was in August 2006, which was published in the “World Journal of Cardiology”.  The same case had repeat coronary stenting recently after 14 years, which was again published in “Journal of Invasive Cardiology”. He commented that doing such a rare case live in a conference is of a great educational and teaching values, for which PGI is meant for. The case was extensively discussed & appreciated by a panel of experts on the dais for its great educational and technical value in the interventional field.

Dr. Vijayvergiya commented that PGIMER is one of the most prominent tertiary care institute in India, which is demonstrating the live cardiology procedures at various national and international scientific meetings and helping the medical community to learn the advancement in the cardiology field, worldwide.  

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