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What an irony, Fortis Hospital Ludhiana told a Congenital Unilateral agenesis of Renal (Single Kidney Holder) patient Arun Saggar that he has normal functionality in both of his kidneys. A patient who is surviving with one Kidney Since Birth.

A 62 year old patient Arun Saggar with Unilateral Agenesis of Renal i.e. Congenital One kidney holder went to Fortis Hospital Ludhiana for his check up and for diagnosis his clinician told him to go for a Ultrasound. After getting Ultrasound Report, he got shock of the world that he has two kidneys. As per Complaint of Arun Saggar, he along with his son again went to Radiologist and repeated the test, again the same report came out.

Salil Saggar thought to raise his voice, So he met all authorities of Fortis Hospital Ludhiana and made the same complaint to Police Commissioner of Ludhiana. As per Salil Saggar none of Hospital Authorities and police have taken this matter seriously. Salil says that whole medical system is based on diagnosis. If this kind Fraud and wrong reportage are regular practice of Fortis Hospital then Only God can save the patients who are coming here for treatment. Sharing his pain Arun Saggar says that Private Hospital have become money minting machines.

While talking on this issue Facility Director Vivan Gill, Fortis Hospital Ludhiana says that It was just a typing mistake. They get themselves tested for ultrasound test only once and took two copies of same one report. I have instructed the outsourcing company of Radiology department that If deputed doctor have conducted this mistake, we must throw out of our system. Rest we are not intended to hurt any patient.


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