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Clearly mind it if you are not into exercising and putting all efforts in eating and just eating, then probably your brain may suffer a attack which is popularly known as Brain Stroke. Brain Stroke patients and their relatives need to learn this new mantra to prevent this which is “BEFAST”. Here BEFAST abbreviates as…


Dr Vivek Lal, head of department of neurology, PGIMER, said, “We should get more involved in active living and healthy food habits to stay away from diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cholesterol.” Dr Dheeraj Khurana, professor, department of neurology, PGIMER, stressed upon the importance of spreading awareness among the public about stroke and how it can be prevented by adapting a few changes in the lifestyle.

Dr Saumya from the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation PGIMER also talked about the importance of rehabilitation services in the recovery of the stroke patients. The students of NINE also performed a play. Meanwhile, the launch of neuro rehabilitation center was announced in collaboration with the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, NINE and department of neurology PGIMER. The launch of stroke service centre in GMSH-16 was also announced, which would be started soon in collaboration with the department of neurology, PGIMER.

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