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The pilot of IndiGo flight reported that there was a rabbit on the runway after which he pulled the brakes hard averting a lethal accident.

M4PNews | Delhi

Airport sources told IndiaToday, a major accident which could have claimed lives of many was averted yesterday between two airlines, namely IndiGo and SpiceJet, on Ahemedabad airport runway.

After landing the Indigo aircraft, it was moving towards taxiway and the SpiceJet aircraft was ready for take off.

Sources inform that the SpiceJet pilot at this juncture saw the IndiGo flight was still on the runway whereas it was supposed to be off the runway by then.

As the IndiGo pilot stopped the aircraft, the nose of the aircraft was still on taxiway and tail of aircraft still on the runway.ATC Ahmedabad had to intervene.

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The pilot of IndiGo airlines reported that a rabbit on the runway was spotted just after landing at Ahmedabad airport, due to which the pilot was forced to pull the brakes hard to halt the aircraft.

While SpiceJet pilots maintain in their report that the IndiGo aircraft wasn’t cleared off the runway when SpiceJet was ready to take off.

Both the pilots reported ATC about the incident.



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