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Once famous with a Baseless Research, US Patent too have abandoned this research.


It was 2008, newspapers were flashing a news naming eating with brain signals where a Cardiologist Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, now a HOD of Advanced Cardiac Centre, claimed that this research of him would eradicate hunger problem from INDIA. Recently, Dr. Sharma sent this research for a US Patent. Interestingly, It got ABANDONED. WHY?

Patent go Abandoned

We will tell you as the story progresses. But before that, we explain why did patent go rejected or abandoned, let us tell you all that Dr. Yash Paul recently got a Show Cause Notice too from PGI Administration for habitually disseminating baseless, unscientific news to media. Recently, he issued a baseless press release on Coronavirus to media as well.

Now, Coming back to the Research title: Yash Technique Eating with Brain Signal.

  • Interestingly, the research talks about the brain signals and Inventor Who is a Cardiologist, Not a Neurologist or Brain Specialist or Behaviour analyst or psychiatrist, did not have any neurologist on board for this research yet claims of brain signals!!
  • Research is supposed to have a sample size, a timeline, different specialists studying on this particular subject, all are missing from this very so-called research.
  • Adding more to our interest, Dr. Sharma is talking about EATING HABITS yet No Dietician or Food Expert is seen participating in research work.
  • More interestingly, None of Dr. Sharma’s Research including this very research is ever filed for PEER REVIEW in PGI or in PGI PATENTS.

On such many baseless unscientific press releases, PGI has issued a Show Cause Notice to Dr. Yash Paul saying that he has been habitually doing this false propaganda in media for print media attention and mislead the public with baseless researches. Talking on this PGI Official Spokesperson Dr. Ashok Kumar says that the Administration has issued a show-cause notice to him. PGI does not endorse any of his baseless researches.

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