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All Claims stood False so far, yet PGIMER to take action on HOD of Cardiology


In our previous story, we have exposed a Cardiologist of PGI, who not only has disseminated baseless researches but also has been fooling media many times with his unscientific claims. He is popular for his ridiculously poor knowledge in cardiology leave alone any other fields of Medical Science as acknowledged by PGI Authority.

Dr. Yash Paul Sharma, not only has falsely claimed patents and awards but recently claimed that he has been doing research on COVID-1 Era that came in the year 2005, and he could help the Indian Government eradicate the same from INDIA as many other countries are already following his research’s footsteps. Not only this, he recently claimed to have opened a stone-like occlusion (CTO) Chronic Total Occlusion within 15 minutes, which is medically not possible and takes at least 2 hours minimum to open such occlusion of heart.

His few of the acclaimed ideas without any research in the timeline are as follows:-

We asked many questions to PGI Authority regarding him and his claims. :—-

As per the claim, he did two cases of chronic total occlusion (CTO) of coronary artery in half an hour (15 minutes each), which he presented in a Japanese conference (CCT 2019 conference, 24-26th October 2019, Kobe, Japan) and was well appreciated by the world leaders of CTO. He also claimed that his YP technique of Microcatheter with the sub-intimal approach was the first one in the world and will file it for the patent.  

1. Whether he has filed this technique for patent in India/USA/Japan by now after the lapse of 10 months or it is still pending. If yes, what is the patent Number? If not, then is it again a publicity stunts/ propaganda by him?

Response by PGI :-  Search in And Indian Patent Journal, Three different search with title as “Yash – Prashant PGI Chandigarh technique”, “Yash Paul Sharma” and “YP Sharma” yield zero result. Same search with US patent and Japan patent on google also revealed zero result. Hence it is unlikely that he has filed the patent by now on above subject or there is any patent in his name on the above site of Indian patent authority.

2. As per the recent literature, as provided by one of the learned cardiologists of the city hospital, the average procedure time for antegrade CTO angioplasty was > 120 minutes. This data is consistent for a large number of patients in these 3 studies (Copy enclosed). Dr. Yash Paul Sharma is claiming 15 minutes each in 2 patients…. Is it sufficient data of 2 patients to be claimed the procedural time in scientific community? If it is really 15 minutes job then was it really a CTO or recent occlusion? Because it is really tough to open at CTO which is occluded for years and become like a stone. As per the expert comments, this seems to be again a baseless gimmick of him to get public attention.

Response by PGI:– As per the available literature of more than 3000 patients (Tejti P, et al. J Am Coll Cardiol Intv 2018;11:1325–35), the procedure time is more than 2 hours. It is very unlikely, that the timing by him in 2 patients is 15 minutes each. There is no publication of him to verify this fact. Even at the conference site, one can not find such a presentation of him.    

3. If his claim is correct for the procedural time of 15 minutes, is someone peer-reviewed independently the procedure time/technique to comment about his claim? Or it is going to have the same fate like his US patent after 12 years ?

Response of PGI:- It is unlikely that someone has peer reviewed his claim in the department or the institute independently.

4. As informed by other experts….. the microcatheter use and subintimal angioplasty is a routine for CTO intervention. Is he claiming the same or different? If different, could he published it in a scientific journal by now after 10 months or will publish it later after getting the patent, which will take 12 years like his US patent. After the 12 years and following the various new innovation, his technique seems to be outdated by that time.

Response of PGI:- There is no publication of him about this technique in the literature. He seems to be again doing the same thing like he claimed for COVID treatment, which he started from 2005.  

5. A copy of the program in which he was chairing the session is enclosed. It was a session on left main and bifurcation and not on CTO. Second he was a chairperson who would have commented on various scientific presentation in the session. I am surprised how he could present his experience of these 2 cases of CTO in a session which was different than his subject and again he was not the presenter. If you see the program, there is no other presentation of him in the conference. Is it again a false claim and propaganda of him to get cheap publicity in print media?

Response of PGI : – As we all attend various scientific meeting and understand the role of chairperson, moderator, presenter and attendees.  As a chairperson of a session of different subject in a meeting, it is difficult to understand that he as the chairperson presented 2 cases of CTO performed by him of a doubtful technique.        

6. As per the recent PGI statement, PGI got dissociated from him for his various patent’s claims.  Does he has taken any required permission to have PGI name in his various bogus techniques, like the present one “Yash-Prashant PGI Chandigarh CTO Technique”??

Response of PGI:- PGI has not given any such permission. PGI does not have any patent recorded under his name till date in last so many years including the US patent, which you have recently reported.  

7. Before 2008, he also claimed about few other patents like “telling lie causes Cancer” and “Yash PGI flow-guided technique.”. Does he got patent/published it of these two techniques by now?? If yes, kindly provide the details, please.  

Response of PGI :- PGI in its record do not have any patent recorded in his name till date. The Indian patent website does not show any approved patent in his name.

The details about the US patent is already published by the reporter and available online. There is no patent claimed by him at PGI nor it is available in real electronic world on search.  The Indian patent Journal site or or google yield the zero result for any patent approved for him. His claims about eating with brain signal, talking about eating/ weight/hunger/poverty etc is all without any research at the institute.  On pubmed or google scholar search, there is not a single published article (Scientific) of him on the subjects related to his so called patents.  

The medical fraternity/PGI is more interested in publishing research in high impact factor medical journals, instead of making a patent on the basis of theories only, without any scientific work or its publication. He only talks about theories and patent…. And no publication …. He is trying to fool medical fraternity, and also the general public by going into the press for his non-scientific claims. One of the claim as “telling lie causes Cancer” is totally absurd thing to be talked by a PGI doctor. His so called COVID research is already known to the PGI for which appropriate action has been taken by the competent authority.  

The general impression is that Dr YashPaul Sharma is having a non-scientific approach, not on evidence-based medicine. His frequent media coverage in newspapers/television is only to aim for cheap publicity and propaganda to misguide the general public and of personal interest only. PGI does not endorse any of his baseless research and also any patents claimed by him.

When asked on this that Why such a person is on HOD Seat when he is habitually being a miscreant, DPGI Dr Jagat Ram says that He will take stern action against him as soon as possible.

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