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Special on 6th Anniversary of CHANDIGARH Master Plan

Chandigarh Master Plan completes its 6th Anniversary on 23rd April as in the year 2015, 23 April, its notification was released. In these six years, Chandigarh might have seen many construction projects. But UT Administrator VPS Badnore has been the First Administrator so far in the history of Chandigarh, who has approved maximum construction projects that too inside his residential space i.e. Inside Raj Bhawan Punjab. Some of the construction projects are completed and some are still under construction or in Pipeline.

Badnore is now popularly known as Construction Man same as then Union Minister K.J. Alphons who was known as “Demolish-Man”. Alphons then been as Commissioner of Delhi Development Authority had demolished 14,310 Illegal construction while smashing all through bulldozer. Recalling him like Alphons of City Beautiful, people named him as Construction Man of Chandigarh of COVID ERA.

Constructed Replica of Rock Garden inside Raj Bhawan

Raj Bhawan is merely 2 Km away from Rock Garden But our Dear Excellency wished to have replica of same inside Raj Bhawan, so Administration got it constructed and have spent Rs 15 Lakh on this replica which can be seen near the entry gate of Punjab Raj Bhawan.

Constructed Office Block and Barracks of 6 Crore

His Excellency recently has approved two building projects at the empty space near the entry gate of Raj Bhawan. These two buildings which include Office Block and barracks for CRPF Jawans cost Rs. 6 Crores. Both these projects have been completed.  

The Multipurpose Hall— Under-Construction

Rs 20 Crore cost Multi-Purpose Hall is also under construction. It was a Green area in Raj Bhawan and because His excellency wished to have big functions that likely happens once in a year like Republic Day to happen inside that Hall so that maximum public can be catered there. Also, Basement is also dugged so that His Excellency’s guests shall not face any difficulty in parking their cars.

Bunker Construction Awaited

Administrator Badnore also wished to have a Bunker for which Architect Wing of Chandigarh Urban Planning Department created a drawing for the Bunker. This drawing already has got the official approval but due to some paucity the final approval is yet awaited. It is also said that Army experts have also been asked for the design of this bunker.

Lakhs of Money spent of Redesigning of Darbar Hall

Darbar Hall is also redesigned wherein more than 100 people can be catered in any sort of function. Also, Cannons that are placed outside the Raj Bhawan, also been polished after spending lakhs of money.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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