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Permissions that meant to be sought before establishing buildings, taken after building constructed

SHhhhh.. Its Punjab Raj Bhawan, they can do their accord. Why we are saying this, let us connect the dots from our previous news, people call VPS badnore a “Construction Man” and here, in this story, he is such an administrator for Chandigarh people who work as per his accord. That too when people of Chandigarh have to take several rounds of departments to take prior permission of simple construction in their respective homes or offices, here for The Lord, the permissions come after the buildings got constructed and that too after when a citizen raised the questions over the construction happening inside the Punjab Raj Bhawan.

We are here talking about Punjab Raj Bhawan’s newly constructed/under construction Office Block, security barracks, and Multipurpose hall. As per Rules, for building construction, the project proponent has to take No Objection Certificate and subsequently “Consent to Establish” from the concerned pollution control committee or board under {section 25 of the water (prevention and control of pollution) act 1974 as amended and section 21 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act 1981 as amended} prior constructing any building.

But all these rules went at stake in case of “THE PUNJAB RAJ BHAWAN”. These buildings started constructing in the years 2019-20 without any such prior permission. This is pertinent to mention here that the construction of two buildings has already completed while one is still under construction which is worth Rupees 2564.81 Lakh.

Strangely, No one from the so-called “doctrinairian” bureaucrats of city beautiful didn’t raise any single question who specifically boasts on social media of not succumbing to pressures. More Shockingly, the Engineering department too started working on this “Illegal” project like “Command of Almighty”.

Now, when this issue came in Lime-Light then bureaucratic brains started to juggle and asked the engineering department to file an online application for permissions (Mind it, this is all after the full construction). A Junior Engineer personnel of the Engineering department filed the application (No: 33078) and after the command of the Lord of Punjab Raj Bhawan, Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee too jumped the gun, avoided visiting the site and without filing any report of a violation, they gave permission on 16 April 2021 (Consent No: CPCC/2021/G3652/330718). And interestingly the committee has given permission to Three buildings in one go on a single paper.

“Our reporter tried reaching Raj Bhawan official for the quote but the phone was unanswered. “

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