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Yet another smart play of Zirakpur based Pharma Companies have came into light after Food and Drug Department raided over these companies. These Food supplement License holder Manufacturing Companies have been producing Medicines which is not only against the rules but also have introduced wrong formulations in medicines which could harm the Human life.

Working on a tip off, 5 teams of Food & Drug Regulators were deputed by K.S. Pannu, Commissioner, Food & Drugs Administration, Punjab to check the five Drug and Supplement manufacturers in Zirakpur. These units including M/s Exotic Healthcare, San Hauston, N B Healthcare, Zoic Healthcare and United Laboratories in the area of District Mohali were raided. The aforementioned food supplement and drug manufacturing companies were found engaged in illegal manufacture of certain drug formulations against the rules having therapeutic effect under the garb of food safety license. As per Joint Commissioner Pardeep Mattu they can not produce such therapeutic drug under food license and foremost they have been producing medicines with non standard formulations.

The teams jointly made the scrutiny of all the records and the formulations manufactured by the firms. The unadvised and irrational use of such food supplements having therapeutic value has a great risk of hyper-vitaminosis and adverse effects in the human beings. The wrong formulated drugs caught from spot are Ferrous Ascrobate, Folic Acid tabs, MultiVitamins, Methylcobalamin tabs. 

The teams drew 16 samples of such food supplements and unapproved drug formulations for test and analysis and to assess the harmful effects of the products.

The teams also seized the products worth Rs. 7.55 lacs and packaging material of certain unapproved drugs.

Pannu said that such types of joint raids will be a regular exercise of the Food & Drugs Administration to tighten the noose against illegal drug and food supplement manufacturers. He said strict action under the law will be taken against the unscrupulous elements playing havoc with the health of the peoples.

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