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Though it is a matter of shame for we Punjabis to be known as a State of Substance Abusers yet people of this country want to make and mean business out of it. Well. there is nothing wrong in it until it is reaching and solving the purpose. There is already a Special Task Force of Punjab Police who is dedicatedly…as told to media…working for drug de addiction mission.

Punjab Government has a team of “Qualified Doctors” or We may say “Qualified psychiatrists” and hiring more too yet theirs’ team of doctors do not know that if a team of police personnels in uniform go to school and start talking on Drug Abuse on name of awareness, Ain’t they know that children’s psychology would get affected? Well, A businessman approaches Punjab Police, gave a Buddy Project Idea and Punjab Police take it on. A businessman told Punjab Government that they shall follow UN norms in dealing and educating children and youth regarding substance abuse. A businessman told them that they shall hire his project in collaboration with some designer strategies.

The Project Proponents has a say that they have their findings on drug abuse in Punjab which is already been published in papers. There is no Concrete Home Work before this “Designer” Buddy Project. The Project Proposers didnt even visit one home of Substance abuser’s family. They do not have any idea from where the drugs are coming and what kind of drugs are coming and what are their affects, Nothing. Yes, They Do have a “Business Plan” to curb this menace!!

As said by sources this project would be launched by State CM Captain Amarinder Singh on Independence Day. The Buddy Project will involve principals, teachers, students and their parents. The project is based on mutual interest and positive construction for a healthy and productive school environment. The buddy project will be led by class teachers and will be supervised by the principals and district education officers (DEOs).

Teachers will be trained by a special team constituted by the state government, consisting of STF, psychology department officials, Punjabi University (Patiala) members and education department officials. Deputy commissioner (DC)  that the three-day training will be attended by over 400 teachers and principals of 592 schools.


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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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