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Lot of activities on Social Media, Lot of Mob on road but the ending result where a drug addict would need to go; is Treatment, We guess!! As per PGIMER Psychiatrist department Punjab has 2.5 lac Drug Addicts, if it is so as PGI Study has lot of ifs and buts in it, even then only 40 psychiatrists to handle such menace. I think Government is not in mood of “Jumlabaazi” and mean business here.

A state whose youth is dying with drugs and every third house some villages is suffering the sting of drug, that State is still preparing to hire more psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. What if applications fell short and what if doctors resignations takes another chaos for not handling such menace. We are not hypothetically here, let us tell here that Punjab Health Department is suffering “Doctors’ Resignation Syndrome” too these days. Earlier It was 30 psychiatrists, Now 29. What if this existing number fell more short?

Though Government have asked Deputy Commissioners to empanel private psychiatrists to handle the mess, yet Forget the Treatment, State right now is unable to provide basic healthcare to these drug addicts. It is a hard job to get them out of their den.

When had word with DHS Dr Sukhwinder Kaur, She said,” I agree that we are very much short with the staff and on 27 july we are going to hire 30 more psychiatrists and In month of August we would hire 20 clinical psychologists too. Yet We have asked private doctors to join the mission as government wants to handle this menace very seriously. We are really working hard. In the end of August we would finish the hiring process.”

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