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The Le Corbusier creation is suffering “Concrete Cancer” due to negligent behavior of UT Engineers. Capitol Complex parts (Pb&Hr High Court, Assembly and Open Hand Monument)  are depicting its plightful story of continuous casual handlings of Engineering Department of Chandigarh Administration.

Well, This is not what we are saying, this is what Conservation Architect has to say while submitting Management Plan of Capitol Complex to Chandigarh Administration. The Mumbai Based Conservation Architect Abha Narain Lambah Associates was specifically hired for this project in which Impact Assessment and site evaluation was to be done. The report was submitted on 12 September 2017.

The Report has many interesting and brow raising points for deteriorating World Heritage. Report says that Due to Increased foot fall and usage, ravages of time, additions, alterations of original finishes and inevitable deterioration has resulted in a dilution of the original features in terms of INAPPROPRIATE REPAIRS and changed perception of interior spaces.

Talking about the Assembly(Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Haryana Vidhan Sabha) report says that Internal changes that are most disruptive to the evocative form are false ceiling and partitions. Additions of aluminiumglazing and timber panelling in the main foyer violates the original features incorporated by Le Corbusier in the form of undulatory glazing with precast concrete mullions and steel stanchions.

It further says that The invaluable tapestripes are in dire need of repair and several are frayed and sections cut out to accomdate service needs. Inappropriate illumination devices, replacement of original flooring finishes and cladding of columns, along of insensitive paint finishes visible along the primary ceremonial entrance on the inside are other issues that need to urgently addressed.

In High Court cracking patterns akin to those alkali silica reactivity or commonly referred to as “Concrete Cancer” are also visible at some parts and this can be dangerous. Not only this there is high risk of Fire at High court as Wires installation is quite inappropriate.

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