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First became Acting Director Principal then officially appointed as Director Principal of GMCH UT, GRIID, Mental Health Institute.


When someone takes charge of a Head of an institute, this is expected from him/her that all issues of the institute would obviously be in latter’s knowledge. But what would you think of a person, who is so oblivious for the institute where he/she is a Director. Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, now officially appointed as Director Principal of GMCH 32 after the untimely demise of Dr. B S Chavan and as she is an immediate senior after Dr. Chavan to have appointed as Director Principal. Though there should be a UPSC appointed Director Principal here in GMCH, which is not yet placed after Dr. Raj Bahadur.

Anyhow, Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, First took the command in hand as Acting Director Principal. At that point in time, she was to handle the academics, hospital administration, Covid scenario everything. In the last one month only, there are 12 complaints we received from Chandigarh Residents, that they denied admission in GMCH 32 after they became COVID positive. Maximum of these Chandigarh have been traveling to other states when they fell prey to COVID and rush to GMCH 32 for Admission.

The Hospital administration is well aware of the fact that patients were refused admission. When asked Dr. Jasbinder Kaur, who every day gets present in war room meeting and tells the covid data to the UT Administrator, she answered, “There is a clear protocol to go the nearby hospital. Though we never deny any admission yet I have no clear idea about this issue so Dr. Ravi Gupta, Medical Superintendent would be the right person to answer this question.”

Patients are denied admission for over a month for absurd reasons. This complaint is not new. We have shared this same news earlier too where GMCH 32 is unnecessarily referring patients to PGI. The situation remains the same after the months. Dr Kaur is so pro in passing the buck as she forgets that she is a Director-Principal of an institute where she is answerable to everything happening inside institute premises especially to COVID patients when Pandemic Act is quite very well active in Union Territory Chandigarh.

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