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Be it city-based Govt Hospitals or suburbian hospitals, unnecessary referrals have been an old headache for PGIMER, now adding insult to the injury


COVID patient pressure, Non-COVID patient pressure, and unreasonable referrals at PGIMER made its staff go beyond human capacitated tired and helpless, yet PGIMER is admitting and working 24 by 7 to serve both patients categories to its best. But, what worries PGIMER, is unneeded referrals of city-based Govt Hospitals and suburbian hospitals. Ironically there is no accountability of any referral made to this premier hospital, even a junior most doctor could refer a patient to a premier hospital.

In the last few war room meetings of COVID, the bureaucrats of the UT Administration tried to demean PGIMER, by declaring them NIKAMMA, also made Infosys Sarai of PGI as second COVID Hospital but forgot to make sector 48 situated Hospital fully operational for COVID facilities. Not only this, there are many buildings in the city, that can easily be converted into a hospital facility but UT Administration is busy in the blame game. Talking on this, a senior official on the condition of anonymity, “UT Administration is trying their level best in hiding and playing with numbers of positive cases and blaming PGI is always easy for them. Though the reality is far opposite what they try to pose in front of the Central Ministry and the people of Chandigarh.”

On the other hand, a senior doctor from Health Department says, “One may check the referral slips of patients, how they are haphazardously referred to PGI and there is no accountability why they been sent to PGI, Every time there’s only one reason, “Beds are Unavailable in GMCH 32″ as if PGI is divinely getting beds and doctors.”

On the other hand, many doctors from PGI, often have tweeted about the reckless referral system of the city. PGI is under extreme pressure of handling unneeded referrals along with the patients who actually need special expertise.

While talking on this Director Principal Dr BS Chavan says that there is no doubt we are short with beds but the way patients are refused, is certainly not acceptable. We would look into the matter that how patients are referred or refused the admission in hospital.

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