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In this era of GPS system, our youth hardly have any time to consider when was our country roads, jungles, deserts been measured, put into scale and then take a shape of a MAP, an Indian Map. Do you know when Indian map was officially Complete? When and how this things works, Why do we need to take it so seriously even. So, Let us tell you here, that Our country has this department established in era 1767 when East India Company started surveying this nation for their vested interests. Then It was Survey of West bengal and thereafter whole country taken up in this department for survey and in map making procedure.

The Antique records of Indian maps

It took 200 years to completely put India on Map, yes, In year 1976 Our Country Officially been completely covered by this department. its officers and staff have to pioneer untrodden lands for others to follow and build upon. They have to go to the deepest forests, deserts and swamps, to the remotest corners of the land, to the lowest coastal belts and the highest snowy mountains. Infact, they have been the first to reach virgin and uninhabitated areas. There they ceaselessly, faithfully and unobtrusively toil to produce the maps so essential for development, defence and administration. In the process they get familiar with each and every corner of the country.

Chander pal Director Pb, Hry, Chd Survey of India while talking on the legacy of their department.

It was National Science Day and adding to our curiosity, we got an invitation from Survey of India, Chandigarh to cover this particular event. Most of the people do not know what does this department actually do and Why this department has relevance in our Constitution. We happen to see some antique maps of India which tells our legacy of keep working. While talking to Chander Pal, Director Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh Survey of India, he explained that this is oldest ever department of India and its legacy is worth admiring. He further said that there are two type of maps, one for common pubic and other is for defence purposes. We filter some sensitive places in public Open series Maps. He specifically mentioned that It is a criminal offence to upload or carry wrong Map of India or that Map which is not authorised by this department. 

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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