When Chandiigarh Police helped in exceptionally cutest way
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First Hand Account

On the way to pick ones’ baby from school is a crucial time for every parent. I was on my way to school of my kid to pick him up. It was quarter to two and due to my silliness, my scooty go off petrol. It is quite an annoying moment but what to do! Anxiety was raising minute by minute. All of sudden, I don’t from where a thought of calling at 100 came in my mind. So, here cuter story starts, When Chandiigarh Police helped in exceptionally cutest way!!


I called up at 100 and asked, “I need help”

Lady Police: Yes, Please!!

Me: Madam, Since asking for petrol in a bottle is a criminal offence for buyer and seller and my vehicle go off petrol. I am too far from Petrol Pump and I am running late in picking up my son from School. Can Chandigarh Police help me in bringing petrol for me, Pleaseeee?

Lady Police: Madam, Since President of India is in city, Our PCRs are busy there, but let me find solution for you, Could you hold for a minute please?

After a Hold, Lady Police Replied: Yes, Madam, PCR is coming to you.

I hardly waited for 10 minutes, PCR came and asked What Happened Madam. I told whole story to them knowingly this is not a duty of police et al. But, Chandigarh Police Cops reacted very humbly and cutely and said, No Worries, Madam, You please wait here, We are bringing petrol for you.

With in fraction of some minutes, Chandigarh police PCR came and filled petrol tank of my vehicle. I thanked Harminder Singh, Constable of Chandigarh Police, Who helped me in exceptionally cutest way and said ” JAIYE MADAM BETE KO LEKAR AAIYE” I thanked these cops heartedly and my all blessings for them. Isn’t it Positive Policing of Chandigarh Police. Spread it

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at taru.gandhi@gmail.com.

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