Is it not their legal right? Chandigarh Health Department?Is it not their legal right? Chandigarh Health Department?
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None of the coronavirus positive cases from Bapudham have been provided with their test report


Ever since the GMCH-32 employee, a resident of Bapudham, alleged to have thrown a party of his marriage anniversary reported positive, none of the coronavirus positive patients from the area have been provided their test reports by the Health Department. All they know is that they are positive, yet there is no evidence there in their hands. Why?

So far the BDC data has crossed 205 and more than 86 per cent of COVID data belongs to BDC! Yet, those at the helm in BDC have different stories to tell against the Chandigarh Administration and Chandigarh Health Department. The Department in question did not feel the requirement to make the people of Bapudham aware of coronavirus in an effective manner. They are confused, frustrated, and agitated; they feel as if they have committed an unknown crime and are being punished for it.

There are many videos going viral on social media; in one of them, a woman is alleging that they were taken to the hospital after being declared as ‘positives’ and left back home late at night saying they were not! They were even threatened not to reveal the entire incident. However, the woman did not stay silent; she told everything to her neighbours regarding the mismanagement of SDM Sudhanshu Gautam and the Health Department.

Sources from the Health Department say it is the department’s first duty to give the report to the patient, but since the documentation work is under GMCH 32, they are not doing the same.

Aman Sharma (name changed), a corona positive patient from BDC, says he was told verbally about his status and then admitted to the hospital. “I have asked for my reports many times, but doctors are saying it is not the policy to share the report. Where are our rights? It has been 12 days of my hospitalisation, yet I have no report,” he rues

When contacted, DHS Dr G Dewan said they would check the policy again and if feasible, do the needful.

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By Taruni Gandhi

Taruni Gandhi is an ace writer and journalist with over a decade experience in covering health, social issues. She can be contacted at [email protected].

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