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HOD Dr. Surjit Singh of Advanced Pediatrics Centre at PGIMER changing Unit Heads by violating all rules and breaching the seniority protocol.


HOD of Advanced Pediatric Centre (APC) at PGI on 23 May 2020 has passed in office order in which he has replaced Prof Devi Dayal as Unit Head of Pediatric Nephrology with a junior consultant. Dr. Karalanglin T, who is the newly appointed unit head and is an Associate Professor whereas Dr. Devi Dayal is a Professor and is way senior to her by many years. Dr. Devi Dayal has been heading the unit since last 2 years.

On dated 24.09.2018 Dr. Surjit Singh, HOD APC had earlier also appointed Dr. Arun Kumar Baranwal as unit head of Pediatric Cardiology. He had replaced Prof. Jayashree M and Prof Rohit Manoj. Prof Manoj is a trained Pediatric Cardiologist and has been looking after Pediatric Cardiology for the last 18 years. He was replaced with Dr. Arun Kumar Baranwal, who has no experience in Pediatric Cardiology. This matter was then escalated and have put before DPGI too.

As per the senior faculty of PGI, he says, “It seems that Prof Surjit Singh is breaking all the rules of seniority and appointing all those who are close to him as unit heads, even at the cost of appropriate care of such critical children who need specialized and experienced care. This has created a lot of unrest amongst the faculty members and is feeling very demoralized”.

When DPGI Dr. Jagat Ram is contacted for this issue, he says that we have received Dr Arun Baranwal and Dr Rohit Manoj Case, and we did try to sort the issue. The matter is with committee and matter is taken up. As far as Dr. Devi Dayal and Dr Karalanglin T, issue is; we did not receive any representation on this as this is internal matter of every department. Yet, we will not tolerate any breach of seniority and would not let anyone demoralise our faculty.

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