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Nearby Residential Areas of CM Haryana, CM Punjab, Pb & Hry High Court, Rock Garden, Governor Punjab uploaded on google street view


Google Earth has a feature called the street view that shows a video of a particular space with each nook and corner. Any person holding a google account can upload this street view on the google earth app and could show the space to anyone sitting at the other edge of the globe. Google seek permission from the Government of India in the year 2018, which GOI denied calling it a “Threat to Nation Security”. Yet, Chandigarh’s high sensitive areas are very much available on google street view.

Here’s the news of The Indian Express on Google Street View proposal rejected by GOI.

Media4pillar did let Chandigarh Police know this fact in 2018 only, that such google street views are getting uploaded on Google Earth App.

Mind you, the street view is quite different than the satellite view or GPS directions. Some “harum-scarum people” find it as a “common activity”, but it is not a common activity, this is an attempt to let anyone know what places where, and how to reach somewhere, and what would come in the way. This is a serious security threat to Chandigarh. There are many such street views uploaded that only shows the path, and space to reach somewhere. For example, someone uploaded the street view of Punjab and Haryana High Court parking.

While talking on this with Adviser to Administrator Manoj Parida, he says, “We will look into this matter”.

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