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Scientists, doctors never said that after the COVID vaccination, one would never get infected with the virus.


Haryana Health Minister, Anil Vij, who got inoculated with the first dose of COVAXIN on 20 November, gets infected with Coronavirus. All of sudden all social media got trafficked with myths and speculations that why do we need vaccine then, Vaccine trial is failure and bla…. bla… bla…

Even one Punjabi Singer says the same on his Twitter handle, Imagine the height of disillusioned mindsets. Anyhow, be it any vaccine that is passing through the trials is called “Vaccination Trial Product” which means it is yet been a part of testing and not a final product that has come down in the market for people consumption.

Now, question is How Anil Vij got infected after First Dose of COVAXIN ?

Here are all the answers:

Anil Vij got inoculated with the first dose on 20 November and his 2nd dose is still pending. Which means the required dose for creating anti-bodies in a human body, are yet to be developed. The course is not completed yet. And very Importantly, Every Patient who is part of this trial has been specifically told to follow all protocols of safety like Mask, Social Distancing, and Avoid going out unnecessarily.

Any Vaccine that we give to children like pneumococcal, measles, etc, does that mean that the child would never fall sick with pneumonia or measles/chickenpox. No, They do fall sick. And due to these vaccinations, they have anti-bodies in their bodies and eventually they sailed through the disease safely.

None of the vaccines has 100 percent efficacy, neither covaxin has. It simply means that if you are given Covid vaccination, you still can have infection BUT since you have been vaccinated so you have antibodies in your body and there are 80 percent chances that you will come out of it safely and May be due to vaccination, there are 80 percent chances that you may not even catch an infection. THERE IS NO 100 PERCENT GUARANTEE.

Right Now, when there is no vaccine and No treatment for COVID, the uncertainty and Unpredicted behavior of the virus, many people have succumbed to it. But, after Vaccination, there would be one certain thing, that a patient has antibodies in his body and he may rarely fall severely sick due to CORONAVIRUS.

As per Professor Dr. Madhu Gupta, Community Medicine, Vaccine Expert, PGI, Chandigarh “Moreover vaccines do not have 100% efficacy. With the most efficacious vaccines of up to 95% efficacy. There are still chances of getting the infection. These will reduce the basic reproduction number from 2/3 to less than 1, maybe, but not zero. So other preventive measures like face masks, physical distancing, and hand hygiene should be continued to be practiced.

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