Dhanwantri Hospital treating patients as insects?
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Sector 46 situated Ayush Facility for COVID Patients is unable to provide respectful quarantine stay

Sector 46-located Ayush Facility for COVID patients is unable to provide respectful quarantine stay


Despite healthcare workers, including nursing staff, doctors as well as field workers working day and night to contain the spread of coronavirus in City Beautiful, Chandigarh, there is a sordid picture that emerges from another quarter. Government hospitals and government-owned private facilities are lagging far behind in providing cleanliness facilities.

Hence, a vigilant citizen, family member of a corona positive patient, filed a concern to the authorities and sent several emails to all concerned on May 11. He then repeated the same on May 14, just to underline what is happening. He has been seeking a reply for the last three days, yet there is no response. Chances of a response look less likely too!

This is the case of the seven-year-old’s father, who is asking authorities to respond to his queries. As a tax-payer, he deserves respect, an answer, a place where his son and wife can stay for 14 days. In a clean environment! Surprisingly, his wife is asked to drink water from a sink, where all corona positive patients are washing their hands and even puking at times.

His son and wife are in Dhanwantri Hospital, Sector 46, where the nursing staff is treating patients like insects. As told by the wife, she is unable to use the washroom because it is unhygienic. So much so that she developed a stomach infection, for which she has not been given any medicine despite asking for it several times.

What is worse is the fact that the Dhanwantri staff is considering her as a positive patient, despite her reports being negative.

A family is unable to drink clean water, use clean washrooms… why? Just because one of them is corona positive? Just because the rest of the patients are from Bapu Dham colony? The wife reveals that she has even been scolded by the nursing staff when she sought help. The same behaviour is prevalent with all patients from Bapu Dham. Are they not human then? Are the authorities even listening?

When asked why emails are not being answered by the health department and Chandigarh administration, DPR Navjot Kaur said, “Everyone is trying hard. In this crisis, we are trying to help all of them, but sometimes one or the other thing is left behind. We will sort this issue soon.”

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