Chandigarh Health Deptt, here Queries go unanswered, No accountability and not even sensitivity
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Legend says that Weak leaders damage organizational culture. This seems same with Chandigarh Health Department that is certainly not good for the public in this taxing times. Here, there is no lagging at the part of the staff that is working 24 by 7 to trace, test and quarantine, here, the problem lies with the top level. Yes, with the decision-makers, who are just not ready to take accountability of incidences happening in Chandigarh and not even ready to answer the queries raised after such incidences.

A 7-year-old child found positive for COVID 19 in sector 40. The child’s father, being a responsible citizen, been to the hospital with his child on 28 April with a fever complaint. Doctor in question, sent him back saying its normal viral. After noticing a child for three days, the fever did not come down, on 2nd May Father again went to GMSH 16 Hospital, met a senior Doctor, Doctor advises X-Ray, it seems like Pneumonia, On 5th May, Child samples were taken in GMSH Hospital. Child with his Mother, go quarantined on 5th May. 5th May passed, 6th May Passed, 7th May passed, On 8th May father informed that Child is positive. That too, the father is NOT provided with the child’s report in fact denied to give the report. After all this, till the time, this story is filed, neither Mother (Who is in Dhanwantri Hospital, sector 46 facility of COVID patients, putting up with her child and other positive patients) is yet tested, nor the father, sister, grandfather is yet tested. WHY? NO ANSWER. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Moreover, the father is not cleared, how his child could hae\ve caught infection? There is no Counseling, No clarification yet provided to the family.

The same is the story of Bapudham lady who initially been sent back by GMSH 16 while complaining of uneasiness in her chest and later found positive. Even as per the First COVID case of Chandigarh, she was too denied test until she told a lie to the department that she met with a Corona positive patient, she was too sent back. The recent case sector 27 Domestic Help has the same story of been sent back by GMSH 16. There is innumerable of patients, who were found positive later and denied test by GMSH 16.

The Poor State of GMCH 32

On 6 May, when the Positive Patients reached GMCH 32 Hospital, by the team of Doctors who test and trace them in Bapudham. These patients were not at all attended by anyone the whole day. They were left hungry the whole day. Moreover, their registration was done at late night after 12 hours of a wait after when a doctor intervened.

Whenever any question including above said questions been asked to DHS Dr. G Dewan, he just passes the buck to the DPR UT. And Director Public Relations UT never replies to any query. Basically, Director Health Services is not PUBLIC Servant, but serving to Bureaucrats only, just to be in good books of Administration!!

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