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Accompanied by 9-year-old chirpy girl discharged today

2 More recovered from COVID-19 but being treated for other specific medical issues at PGIMER

With 4, count of those recovered at PGIMER stands at 41


It seems age is no bar in the fight against COVID-19 as a 79-year-old elderly woman from Sector 38, the oldest so far in the city, got another chance at life after the beating the deadly virus as she was declared cured and discharged from PGIMER’s COVID Hospital today. In complete contrast, the other person discharged today, a young and chirpy 9-year-old girl from Sector 30, was on the other extreme of age. After their discharge, both of them headed towards their homes in the ambulance but giving everyone a hope that ‘COVID-19 is beatable, provided you have the will to beat it till victory.’ with this Chandigarh has 40 discharged cases in its kitty.

There are other two, one 67-year-old male, resident of Sector 15, and another 52-year-old male from Markanda, Haryana who has also recovered from COVID-19 but is being shifted to other departments to treat their specific medical issues. So on the whole, the recovery rate is picking up consistently and it’s a positive indicator. With these four recovered today, the count of those declared cured for PGIMER’s COVID Hospital stands at 41.

It was quite an emotional scene at the send-off as both aged 9 and 79 ushered amid rousing claps towards the exit. They were greeted with flowers and gifts by Prof. G.D.Puri, Dean (Academics) & Head, Deptt. of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care accompanied by Prof. Vipin Koushal, In-charge-COVID Hospital, Dr. Ranjana Singh, Dr. Naveen Pandey, Deptt. of Hospital Administration, residents and health care workers who were standing outside the Nehru Extension Block, dedicated COVID Hospital, applauding them and wishing them good health as they exited in the homebound ambulance.

Detailing about the latest recoveries, Prof. G.D.Puri, Dean (Academics) & Head, Deptt. of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care shared, “Today we discharged 79-year-old lady from Chandigarh who was admitted to PGI Nehru Hospital Extension on 29th April 2020. She was not a known case of heart disease. Our anesthetist at COVID Block ICU Dr. K.P Gaurav, a Cardiac Anaesthetist did her examination and found doubt of cardiac ailment. He immediately did echocardiography and found severe aortic stenosis in this lady.

Subsequently, she was managed in COVID ICU with postural therapy, oxygen as well as other cardiac medications. The anesthesia team managing the COVID ICU was able to treat her hypoxia without putting her on a ventilator. She was given high flow oxygen as well as postural therapy to treat hypoxia. In addition to her COVID lung conditions, she was found to have the cardiac disease for which she was successfully treated along with cardiologist and is being discharged with the advice to attend Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery OPD at Advanced Cardiac Centre.”

“This is all due to teamwork of Anaesthetist, Intensivist, Pulmonologist, Internist, Psychologist, cardiologist and team of hospital administration, nurses and technicians that such high-quality care was provided to such sick patient resulting into a good outcome. Team COVID is expecting more cooperation from other areas of PGI where non-COVID patients are being treated so as to facilitate early shifting these patients to those areas after becoming negative for COVID so that comprehensive treatment of their chronic diseases can be done.

This will help in the long term management of the non-COVID condition of these patients. ” remarked Prof. Puri. As the elderly lady moved towards the ambulance, she thanked the PGIMER team for treating her like their own as she said with moist eyes, “ Seeing everyone greeting, cheering, and taking pictures is very very touching.” The young girl was a bundle of energy and happiness as she shared her success story of COVID-19 with everyone listening in rapt attention. And both of them got into the ambulance destined for their homes, giving everyone a hope that COVID-19 is beatable.

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