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The figures of 3000 active cases of COVID that took 6 months good time in the year 2020, in second wave, the figures were overwhelming and in third wave severity of infection was low but active cases were way higher than the last two waves.

Dear Chandigarh…There are always two sides of Coin. Incase one has made his mind to point at something then there are many things to point at. Here, we are not certainly concentrating on the blame game but telling you some facts of city residents who faced the burns of the system’s lackadaisical approach towards COVID patients.

That Rusted Escalator of GMCH 32 Emergency

Being citizen of Smart City, I am wondering how administrative people sleep over public money. How their heart let them rest. I was to go to GMCH 32 to see a small girl child of a friend who landed here after his daughter fell sick with covid twice but could not get rid of fever. It was midnight, 12:30 AM, I had to reach the fourth floor of Emergency. I pressed the button of Lift, and a dirty, rusted, yellow-lighted Lift opened its door. I stepped in and the door closed. I pressed the 4th-floor button, and my agony of 3 minutes starts.

The list was blocked, wasn’t responding, neither going up nor moving, and not even giving any signal. The moment I realize, I am stuck here, all alone in the escalator. I seriously went blank, and do not know what to do for some fractions of a second. I switched on my phone, pushed the ringing button of Lift for two minutes. I was worried because it was midnight and I did not see any security guard out of the lift when I was entering inside. I hold on to my breath, remember my eternity, and thought that If this is how my end is decided then take me without any fear, at least so far, my journey has been, it deserved to be respected. The lift door opened up by a security guard and he said,” “Madam, what are you doing in COVID PATIENTS’ LIST”.

I asked the security guard,”Bhai, din mein kitni baar rukti hai ye?” Bahut baar Madam, dekho kina jung lagga hai, thonu esch chadna hi nahi chahida si, je main na aaunda, tuhadi laash nikalni si bahar”.

I took on a hold on to myself, take a deep breath in my N-95 Mask, and tried looking for a safe corner. Then I recollected myself, went via the ramp to the fourth floor, met the child and parents, and came back in my car, thinking that COVID is itself already a MIND TAXING Disease. On that Administration has rusted the escalator to add an insult to the injury. GOI has provided a lot of funds to Chandigarh Administration, where is it going?

As CHANDIGARH Administration does not provide ANY medical kit to home-quarantined people. Do Not even give a call to Home Quarantined, mild symptomatic patients. Government Hospital isolated patients are given such facilities that are not worth a human deserving. And the height of audacity was, the administration gave commending awards to these hospital administrators like the previous DHS.

At least in Punjab, the health System calls the patients every consecutive day, sends patients a COVID KIT. Thankfully, PGI is here for the rescue of Chandigarh People, But if you are thinking that Chandigarh Health Department is doing a great job in COVID, Sorry!!

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