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The Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCOis again in Controversy. At this time, it is CITCO Criminal breach of trust 2 Lakh smoked from revenue. It is Sector 17 Petrol Pump. Shockingly, the employees of CITCO PETROL PUMP situated at sector 17, forged the department with PETROL PUMP revenue amounting Rs 2 lakhs. This is more shocking that this case is one and a half year old and the department was, as usual, acted to be oblivious to it.

As of now, the forgery-related papers came out in the light so the department officials are claiming to have lodged the FIR against the culprit. It is a matter of 2019 June. On 10 June 2019, due to some reason, the sale of the Petrol pump was not deposited in the bank that very day. So, On 11 June 2019, the collective sale amount of Petrol pump was released to deposit in the bank. The two days collective sale amount was Rs. 5,05,820. But the culprit deposited only Rs 3,05,820 after doing some figure change in the depositing slip. The culprit also have managed to manipulate the figures mentioned receiving slip as Rs 5,05,820.

This slip was deposited in main branch of CITCO too and due to the flock of corrupt officials, no one raised the voice and let the matter went ignored. It is also shared by the sources that everyone from Petrol Pump to Main branch of CITCO knew about this forgery and also were involved in this matter deep down hand in hand. It was said to be a Planned Forgery. It is also said that this is not the first time when employees of CITCO tarnish the slips and manipulate with the CITCO accounts. The employee union core team members too have shown their concern on this issue saying that it is not possible without the involvement of main branch top officials.

Since CITCO has been suffering losses for so long, it is quite evident why CITCO can’t make profits after having so much of popularity in Chandigarh. We had word with CITCO Additional Manager IAS Nitika Pawar on this and She says, “The matter has come to light yesterday evening. Matter being looked into departmentally for disciplinary action. Police complaint registered”.

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