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An RTI sought from UT Administration, to provide minutes of all meetings held under UT Administrator VPS Badnore from the period of Jan 2020 to till date. The Departments of UT Administration who are supposed to provide information on the sought RTI Subject, played smart and became oblivious to the matter and answered NIL. This either means the UT Administrator did not take any meeting of any department OR the department personnel took meetings of Administrator for granted, are not in habit of noting and recording minutes of the meetings.

Since March 2020, COVID Lockdown started, and every citizen of Chandigarh is very well known to the fact that UT Administrator, VPS Badnore, created a WAR ROOM, and takes meeting on condition and status of COVID every day. Still, the departments say NIL.

In these taxing times, when all departments are working hard to save the city from virus, every department did a meeting with UT Administrator, be it a DC Office, Police Department, Health Department, Municipal Corporation, or education department. Surprisingly, None of these departments give the right information and maligned the image of UT Administrator by answering it as NIL.

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